Bespoke Tours Bulgaria

Bespoke Tours Bulgaria



To accommodate different needs in our clients, we offer a tailor-made service to suit you.  We can arrange tours to follow a route of your choice, accommodation of your choosing and even duration/exertion of trip.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to get a free quote.  Let us know what you are after and we will do our level best to provide you with all the information necessary.

The middle part of Stara Planina is the longest and of the greatest heights in the whole of the mountain range. It is full of heady plummets, wide peaks and and ridges, steep slopes and beautiful views of Rila and Pirin mountains, the Thracian valley, looking south, and with a bit of luck and some nice weather, you can see the silver strip of the Danube, in the north.

"The Central Balkan" is a national park where you can the deepest cave in Bulgaria, 383m deep, and the highest waterfall Raiskoto Praskalo (The Heavenly Splash) - 125m high!

  The Troyan Monastery, which was founded in 1600 in the valley of Cherni Osum river, is another site of a historical interest. In this part of the mountain range are also situated Shipka monument (32m high), which takes us back in the time to the Russian-Turkish war of freedom and of course, Buzludja - the memorial complex, which was a symbol of communistic Bulgaria.

  Very interesting treks, easy and well marked paths and well equipped lodges and hostels will offer the most unforgettable experiences to all who love and respect the mountain!

  Contact us and we will oblige to introduce you to the great world of the mountain. Your route will be tailored to your needs, physical fitness and the time you can spare. We promise memories for life!   


* Our promise-

We at Balkan Walks do not believe in creaming profit from the services of others. 

For this reason, we arrange all the accommodation and dining but you the client pay the hostel/hotel/restaurant directly with no middle man.

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