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Encounter Bulgaria's unspoilt natural beauty with our trekking holidays and guided car trips in the Mountains of Bulgaria.  Operating from the historic and tourism town of Veliko Turnovo, our experienced and licensed guides will lead you through breathtaking mountains, charmingly historic villages practically untouched for centuries and every point of interest along the way.  Bulgaria’s heritage is a rich tapestry of historical interest from the different epochs of her development.  We will show you fascinating ancient monasteries and churches, isolated communities still living a traditional peasant lifestyle and even the monolithic monuments of the communist period.



  • For the day-tripper, we have private car trips for smaller groups. 
  • For the standard backpacker we have treks spread over several days with accommodation at well-tried quality mountain hostels and lodges specifically catering for walkers.  The hostels are large, spacious and well-maintained.  The dormitories roomy and clean.
  • For those seeking greater comfort or pursuing a specific interest, we can arrange a bespoke service where the trek or visit and type of accommodation are entirely up to you as is the exertion involved and duration. 
  • We can book rooms at small hotels where required and even cabins and lodges.




In all our treks and walks, traditional Bulgarian cuisine is available at outlets throughout the journey, offering delicious food at affordable prices!



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* Our promise-

We at Balkan Walks do not believe in creaming profit from the services of others. 

For this reason, we arrange all the accommodation and dining but you the client pay the hostel/hotel/restaurant directly with no middle man. 

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